turn (ing) table

Even with the emergence of a new consumer segment, the usability of the existing turntable has not changed significantly.
Various factors motivated people to come into contact with vinyl, but new consumers experience that analog is uncomfortable due to the analog way of using it, and they distance themselves from it. As a result, turntables and vinyls are left only as 'analog'.

 >>>> Provides similar experiences to new vinyl consumers who were used to listening to music through digital media.

Real albums are a medium for listening to music, but are also positioned as 'goods' and 'MD (merchandise)'.


The process of making a rough sketch based on various photos or shapes and setting the shape in which the concept of the product will be well expressed.


Modeling proceeded by selecting several forms from the previous sketch.


The mock-up was carried out with a reduced scale to check the shape.


Unlike streaming,
buying a record that has the meaning of'owning' rather than'rental' can be seen as having a greater meaning not only for listening (audible) but also for visible part (visual). The reason for adding color to the vinyl to make it transparent and adding a unique design is also the'visual element' mentioned earlier.
Focusing on the visual satisfaction of the user by maximizing the area exposed to the vinyl by focusing on this part.

Rotate (flip) around an axis. To the B side

auto flip button

33 / 45  -  rotation speed controller

putting the tonearm up or down on the vinyl


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