Wireless charger

​​​​​​​Ultimately, the best solution to overcome
the FOMO (fear of missing out) syndrome is ‘the sense of stability in everyday life’.

It doesn't matter what you see to others.

Because FOMO is an only human and universal emotion,
it cannot be completely eliminated, but I tried to put the meaning of time, situation, and space that can be controlled.
Therefore, what about providing time to look back on yourself without blaming yourself for feeling FOMO? I thought about it.

my own time

The image of relaxation was inspired by ‘incense’.
The scent helps psychological and physiological sedation and comfort. The process of putting the incense stick into the holder and burning it seemed to be a step
to get comfortable. This process reminded me of an image by overlapping the action of placing a cell phone on a wireless charger and taking a break.
I think that appearance of the incense burning also contains an image of relaxation.


'Zen garden' was used as motif for the flow of form.
'Karesansui(かれさんすい)', which is based on 'discovering something out of nothing', is a space where you can look at the garden and answer your own question for
the its meaning, unlike the circuit style garden that you see while walking around.
Hence, I proceeded in line with the proposal ‘take your time’ as mentioned above.

Now, you'd better put cell phone down and take your time.

Here, the most important thing is to balance between the usage time and the rest time rather than simply putting the phone down.

​​​​​​​The LED goes down depending on the level of charging.

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