Bring your NFTs to real life.

The meta’o is designed to bring 'NFT' into your real life, which is a subject of debate in the art & design field. Meta’o is a compound word that implies the concept of metaverse, objet, and o shape.

The shape of the meta'o has a minimal design with reduced decorative elements to deliver an impression like a well-organized interior & design objet, so crypto, blockchain technology blends naturally into the user's space without interfering with 'comfortable feeling at home'
The display part with magnetic support (ball structure) and the tray with wireless charging are made of unpainted recycled materials. Thus, you can move it at any angle to fit your eyes without the concern about the paint peeling off.
'Showing your collection in an aesthetic-way'
Flex on flex

The meta'o display is a set with the tray (organizer), similar to what we have used to store and exhibit our jewelry, watches, or other accessories. This composition allows you to show off your NFTs and precious watches, jewelry collections together that can reveal your own aesthetic taste.
Certificated-collection from your digital wallet

Meta'o imports NFTs through wallet connections such as a metamask. All this process is done through a user-centered intuitive and convenient UX. Through this mandatory authentication/security process, you will be able to prove that you actually own genuine NFTs just by using a meta'o. There is no need to worry about security issues. Even if you lose your digital gallery meta'o, there will be no loss to your virtual assets.
Access your NFTs by logging into your preferred wallet. / Choose your own NFT that you want to display. You can choose a display method by randomly or in sorted order.
From imagination into reality

In addition to showing the user's NFT collection in various ways, the display of the meta'o captures and recognizes the user's face through the in-screen under display camera(UDC). Consequently, it shows the PFP NFT's face on you and presents the 'metaverse portrait,’ which we named it 'meta-mirror'. This function is implemented through a simple method of operating the app and display. Furthermore, it can be saved as a video or a photo.
Sustainable premium

Although it is a concept design, we imagined a sustainable premium by applying recycled plastic materials By combining the particles of wastes to depict various concepts/feelings and by using materials purely without destroying their original characteristics, we have considered aesthetics, a virtuous cycle, and the environment at the same time. A sustainable premium concept has inspired by positive examples of Tom Ford, who applied ocean plastics to watches, and Samsung, which applied a large amount of recycled materials to flagship models, as a paradigm shift that considers the value of the product concept and aesthetics more than the scarcity of materials or the price of raw materials.
Three colors for your aesthetic taste

To make your NFTs stand out more, we have selected minimal and refined three colors 'cream white / cotton blue / dust gray' that will suit your space.
Plastic-free package design

Package and user instruction are designed simply both to reveal the concept of minimalism and to avoid excessive packaging or plastic use.
The package was created with the motif of a portal that connects the metaverse to the real world. The specifications of the product expressed in iconic key colors, graphics, and typography give it a simple yet solid awareness.
You can own Meta'O in the crypto world!

Although meta'o is still a concept design, you can own and enjoy it right now in metaverse, a world of infinite freedom. Owning an object NFT that contains a lot of thought and new ideas will symbolize your interest and support for industrial design. Get a total of 100 meta'o NFTs right now (It’s even free right now / first come, first serve)

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Adidas Originals Into the Metaverse (Phase1) / m_jay_93
Clone X #16362 / Dasomeeh
Clone X #19627 / Dasomeeh
RTFKT LOOT Pod / Dasomeeh
BAYC #4578 / Dasomeeh
4 NFTs of Fancy Kids Town (Minting soon)​​​​​​​
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Our vision is to bring NFT to the real world with product design and to evoke ideas through our work. Designers have never met in person in this project and were 100% online using collaborative tools and metaverse platforms.
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